Team Tonic Services, agency and leader of Team Building and soirées organisation, prepare your artistic events in all its forms. An activity, a show or the totality of your event, Team Tonic Services is here to serve you.

We garantee excellent results as artists who lead you are real professionals. We adapt ourselves to specific requests and we create Team Buildings made to measures if needed!
We also offer you theme evenings, internally or externally : cabaret evenings, musical shows, dance parties, activities during your meals or cocktails, year’s end celebrations, Christmas trees, coordinating musical or cinematic activities, adventure outings, video reports, theater, clowns, mimes...

Team Tonic Services stays at the cutting edge of the most efficient, instructive, spectacular and playful activities, and offers you the possibility to be supervised but excellent professionals.

Our Team Buildings will answer to your requests about cohesion, team spirit, creativity, initiative, performance and many other thing.

Where does Team Tonic Services intervene?
We intervene in France or abroad and we organise your events with the will of satisfying you entirely whatever the complexity of the intervention. We will make possible what you thought was impossible, find the original activities you need, advise you and work with you upstream to insure the success of your event.

Our assets 
Our team is composed of professionals in the fields of Team Building, training and company coaching, specialized in Team Buildings Danse, Music, Cinema, Theater, Sport, Adventure, Sustainable Development, Prestige Team Buildings or Team Learning, but also in accompanying teams in the thought and realization, and lodging and catering.

Our values 
Respect / Excellence / Trust / Sharing / Skill / Enthousiasm / Sens of customer  / Team spirit / Professionnalism / Ambition / Success / Determination / Integrity / Creativity / Gratitude

We take care of the whole organisation of your event : 
Show organisation, activities, rooms renting, hostelry, catering, transportation... 

Our difference is the savoir-faire, it is making you become artists thanks to an exemplary management, it is being able to entertain you! 

If you want to know the definition of Team Building, read our article about the subject and also discover our videos of Team Building.


You want to organize a Team Building in France or in another country? One number to facilitate you the job :
  01 75 62 13 00  

Fill in our form of request for an estimate and contact us for any question about our Team Buildings!


Team Building Cinema

The benefits of team building cinema are numerous because it has the particularity to approach any kind of theme: commercial, short film, silent film, tv show, parodies of all kinds, values of a company or a team, lip dub, company promotional film, dubbing, music video making, video greetings card... 
Each person within the company will find its place in the team and contribute to the community success. 
Guaranteed result!

Team Building Music

Music has this privilege to put into action groups from 15 to more than a thousand people all united towards a common goal while bringing out intimate emotions often hidden since their childhood. 
Our products are numerous and our teams are here to help you. 

Team Building Theater

Theater has make an entrance into the business world for many years. Severals themes can be approached : speaking in public, artists performances on conventions, role-playing, parody or simply a moment of cohesion with show on top of everything. Theater will make you surpass yourself.  

Team Building Haka

The practice of Haka in business will surprise everyone and will contribute to a great moment of challenge and conviviality. It can be delivered in two ways : 
- haka introduction in maori langage
- haka introduction in maori langage followed by the rewriting of one's own haka in a langage related to business.
This activity can continue during the dinner with the performance to the other participants.

Team Building Dance

Dance is a bit like music, it can gather from 15 to more than a thousand people on one rhythm. Samba, Zumba, Afro Active, Flash Mob... on a public square or not, this activity will satisfy people from 7 to 77 years old...

Team Building Cardboard Construction

Constructing a vehicle in teams is a unique experience where you will have to play with your qualities : strategy, organisation, teamwork, decoration, and most of all a great team to finish the race... 

Team Building Cooking

Cooking is a convivial way of encourage people to communicate. Methods to approach it are numerous : challenge in team, cooking or cocktails lesson, at home or at the office, in an adapted place or in your seminar's place, we will adapt ourselves to answer your request. And now, have a good meal!

And many others...

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